Glenda, Thyroid Cancer Survivor

Welcome to my blog for cancer survivors everywhere.  I’m Glenda, and I’m hoping to meet some of you, and to learn your journeys through cancer treatment.

On a lighter note I also like to photograph the beautiful Isle of Wight, and would like to share some photos of my favourite place on earth.

My own cancer journey is detailed in four books, ‘Thyroid Cancer for Beginners’ published in 2009,  ‘Living with Thyroid Cancer’ published in 2015, ‘Relapse!’ published in 2017, and ‘My Journey Through Thyroid Cancer and Out the Other Side’ published in 2019.


Here are some reviews I’ve received:

Reading this book was like sitting down with a nice cuppa and a knowing friend who explained just what happens and what its like to have thyroid cancer in a really easy to grasp way. She doesn’t shy away from the messy stuff, but at the same time includes all the technical jargon and information one needs to know. She shares her journey from before the diagnosis through the sometimes bleak and exhausting years of treatment in such an upbeat way that anyone involved with a recent diagnosis would feel empowered and more optimistic having read it. It would be a good book to give to worried family members; it takes the fear out of the subject as she writes with a gentle loving humour about even the most scary aspects.


This was a very frank and honest book. It manages to mix the technical with the practical while at the same time conveying how the diagnosis affects the whole family. This gives the book a very human touch that makes it very readable.


It was enjoyable to read about the experience of another person with thyroid cancer. I had some difficulty following all the locations/vacations/costs as the author is not from USA. It was nice to see others have additional side effects too which are not discussed by physicians prior to or during treatment.

This is an easy-to-read book that gives patients diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer a quick read on a British woman’s experience grappling with the disease. Glenda Shepherd, the author, received the shocking diagnosis when she was in her late forties. I appreciated Ms. Shepherd’s honesty–her ability to share many personal details and the feelings she was experiencing– and got a kick out of her British way of expressing herself. I think this would be a wonderful book on tape with the author reading the book with her beautiful British accent. I loved looking at the photographs included on my Kindle version and enjoyed the author’s explanation that she looked for a dress that covered her scar on her neck. I hope Ms. Shepherd will write a sequel. I particularly identified with much of what she wrote, especially the painfulness of waiting for test results and the fear of dying that is part of the experience of being a cancer patient. Bravo for Ms. Shepherd for writing about her cancer journey in a poignant, yet humorous way. I am grateful that books like Thyroid Cancer for Beginners exists for people like me to read.