I recently changed my GP surgery, having found in the past that the doctors there have next to no knowledge of thyroid cancer.  To be perfectly frank, I was the only thyroid cancer patient out of thousands!

Usually sufferers have to have their thyroxine doses carefully optimised to maintain a low TSH in order to deter recurrence, especially if they have lung mets as I do, but every time I had a blood test to check my thyroxine levels, I was told that my TSH was too low and that they needed to reduce the dose of Levothyroxine!  My oncologist had to send them letter after letter explaining why I had to be slightly over-medicated.

When I explained all my issues to my new GP, he seemed quite understanding.  He even put Chloramphenicol eye drops on repeat for me, in case an eye infection flares up.  Eye trouble has dogged me since my second dose of radioactive iodine, and it’s great to know I’ve got a spare tube of antibiotic to use in an emergency.

All in all I’m pleased I changed GP’s.  I can even get an appointment when I want one, instead of having to wait 2 weeks.  Yessss!



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