Film Review – The Light Between Oceans

Every week a friend and I go to the cinema. This week we saw ‘The Light Between Oceans’, which I thoroughly recommend.  It centres on one of those moral dilemmas that kept all us viewers stuck to our seats.

Tom (Michael Fassbender) is a World War I veteran who now wants peace, isolation and tranquility.  He agrees to maintain a lighthouse off the shores of Australia for six months.  When he visits the mainland he meets Isabel (Alicia Vikander), and a love affair ensues.  Isabel and Tom marry, but after going on to suffer two miscarriages, Isabel is desperate for a baby.

One night a rowing boat gets washed ashore, and inside the rowing boat is a dead man and a baby, which is very much alive.  Information filters from the mainland that a father and his child have been lost at sea. Tom and Isabel’s family on the mainland have not heard of the second miscarriage, and think that Isabel is still pregnant.

Isabel wants to say nothing to the authorities and keep the baby, but Tom is steadfast that the incident must be reported and the baby’s mother found.  The moral dilemma occurs – should Isabel be saved from deepest depression by raising the baby as her own, or should the baby be given back to its natural mother?

I won’t say what happens, just in case you  haven’t seen it!  All I can say is that in my opinion the film is very good and well worth a look.  I enjoyed the wild, somewhat bleak scenery as well, and the fact that the story was easy to follow.

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