Today on the news was an article about a 14 year old girl who had died of terminal cancer.  Before her death she had stated her wish to have her body preserved so that she could be brought back to life.  She was supported in her wish by her mother, but not by her father.

A high court judge ruled that the girl’s mother should be allowed to decide what happened to her daughter’s body, and so the girl was eventually taken to the USA and frozen.

I could only mourn for the poor girl if and when she might eventually be brought back to life, be it in 100, 200 or 500 years’ time.  The life she knew and all her immediate family will be gone.  She will be in a strange world, but will still have cancer if they haven’t yet found a cure for it.  Plus the fact that if we are all living for longer and more and more people decide to be frozen and awoken as well, then the world is going to be sinking under the weight of the population.  All the arable land will have to be sold off in order for developers to build homes, and people will all be living cheek to jowl in a huge sardine tin.

Peachy isn’t it?  I think I’ll plump for the hereafter and take my chances…



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