I don’t know what it’s like for other cancer sufferers, but for me with thyroid cancer the condition entails a lot of waiting.  On May 10th I finished the last of 30 external beam radiotherapy treatments to my neck, and I won’t find out if they have killed the cancer until I have an ultrasound scan on August 29th!  Apparently the radiotherapy continues working for 3 months after the last treatment.  I’ve exhausted further radiotherapy and surgery, and if the treatment hasn’t worked, then all I have left are Sorafenib tablets which could halt progression, but have many unpleasant side-effects.

However, I’m not putting my life on hold.  Having got over the worst of the radiotherapy side-effects I’ve decided to go back to work as a medical secretary to cover holidays and sickness.  Today I went back to the hospital where I worked for 13 years to sign up as a bank secretary and receive the mandatory fire training.  I took early retirement 3 years ago as I had next to no voice left after a right neck dissection, and although the voice is still weak, I’ve dropped a grade and so I do not have to answer the phone.

It seemed strange walking around the hospital corridors again where I spent so many years walking up and down pushing trollies full of clinical notes.  It will be good to get back to some semblance of ‘normal’ again.

I wait on the edge of my seat for the results on August 29th…



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