The Eyes Have It

Does anybody experience severe dry eye problems after having had external beam radiotherapy to the neck? I’ve been told there’s nothing more that can be done for my dry eyes, and it’s taken me a long time to finally realise that my eyes need lubricating with night ointment during the day instead of with thinner drops.

I’ve tried a couple of night ointments (Xailin and VitA-POS), but as soon as I put them in my eyes then I feel the inside of my neck become tighter straight away.  I’m one of those souls who are very sensitive to various medications, but today on the third attempt I’ve found out that I can tolerate Hycosan Night Ointment fairly well.

What a relief!

Dry, burning and sore eyes makes you feel as though you just want to crawl into bed and go to sleep.  I know I’ll have to live with this condition for the rest of my life, but boy oh boy is it good to find an ointment that works!

Do you suffer from dry eyes?  How do you cope?



26 thoughts on “The Eyes Have It”

  1. I have had my tear ducts plugged. But my eyes and mouth are so dry. And my eyes only give me clear vision for about half a day then every thing is so blurry. Does anyone else have this problem?

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    1. Yes, but I found that using a lubricating ointment in the eyes twice a day helps with the cloudy vision. Without it my eyes would become very sore and would have conjunctivitis-like symptoms. The ointment I can tolerate is called ‘Simple Eye Ointment’ which my GP has kindly prescribed on repeat. I also have a permanently dry mouth, and need to sip water constantly throughout the day and if I eat anything.


    2. Hi Roxie, I tried to email you, but the message was not delivered. If you want me to I can email my oncologist and ask her about treatments for TCV. Email me with the treatments you have had so far. Thanks!


      1. Hi Roxie, my oncologist says there is treatment for tumours that have less than 50% tall cell features. After surgery there would be radioiodine treatment, and any metastases would be treated with Lenvatinib. Hope that helps?

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      2. You have been my biggest help so far! And the docs have been a battle. They have thrown me into survivorship and I wanted to run for Senate in two years. Lol Do you mind if I ask the name of your dr. I have bought your book but just haven’t read it’s in my kindle. Are you in the US? I am willing to travel from Florida to New York at this point.

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  2. Moffitt cancer center did not even do the required gene test on the tumor to determine if aggressive or non-aggressive. They all stated Bc of its size they “know” it’s aggressive.

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  3. Ok excuse my ignorance I was just in the U.K. and loved it. Yorkshire my favorite. My best friend is from the U.K. and went through my cancer issue with me. Did my DNA I’m 86 percent Northern English/Yorkshire/Wales. 11 percent Norwegian and 3 Irish.

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      1. I am in Florida but just got an appt at the cancer center in New York (Sloan Kettering). They have drs that specialize in Tall Cell. My appt is later this month.

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      2. If it had not been for you I would never have heard of this treatment or medicine. Or have gotten this ball rolling. I felt very defeated by the cancer center I had been at. I really appreciate you!

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  4. I am in Tampa, Florida, United States. But love the UK and am 86 percent English (according to ancestry Dna) lol. Question for you. I was 110lbs and 5’4 before removing my thyroid, but not being on medication after the removal went up to 180 pretty quickly. I am slowly taking it off and switched from Synthroid to Armour. They only have me on 90 mg. Or equal to 175 mcg of Synthroid. With no thyroid! I have all the symptoms of being on too little of a dose. Do you mind sharing what level you are on? I think they are really ridiculous over here with their guidelines!

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    1. Do you have regular blood tests to check the levels of T4, T3 and TSH? My T4 levels usually range between 21 – 25, my T3 is about 5, and my TSH is usually below 0.1. This is on a dose of Levothyroxine of 100mcg 5 days a week, and 125mcg for the other 2 days. Every other week I take an extra 25mcg. My weight and energy levels stay stable. The amount of thyroxine you need to take depends on your weight and the amount of exercise you do. I take the Teva brand of Levothyroxine.


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