Time Suck

For those who have been following my Facebook page, I expect they have now found out that it’s no longer there.  That’s right; I’ve finally deleted the FB account I’ve had for many years.  I’ve been meaning to do it for some time, but a few days ago made the brave move and hit the delete button.

Too many social media sites are a real time suck, plus the fact that nobody on FB seems to have anything meaningful to say.  I really don’t want to read anybody else’s opinions on religion or politics (especially on Brexit), and have no time for the trolls who look at everybody else’s sites but put nothing on their own.

Then there are the ones whose lives are picture-perfect.  Their amazing children beam gap-toothed smiles and hold up certificates and medals.  Their homes are spotless, and their large oak dining tables groan with silverware and the latest edible creations they’ve cooked from scratch.  They are always flying off to somewhere exotic, and have a permanent suntan.  Nothing bad ever happens to them; well, nothing they’ll admit to anyway!

What is the point of Facebook?  Is it mainly for their staff to compile a list of our likes and dislikes in order to bombard us with adverts encouraging us to buy?  At least with WhatsApp I can send photos or messages and dodge all the advertising.  After all, if I’m in need of anything, all I have to do is go out and buy it or buy it online.

One less social media site to keep on checking.  Now then… which one will be next for the chop?

Have you deleted any social media sites lately?  If so, for what reason?





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