Reviews of ‘The Isle of Wight for Beginners’

I’d like to elaborate a little on the reviews I have received for my little guide book of the Isle of Wight.  So far I have received one 5 star review on and two 1 star reviews on which you can see here.  The 5 star review says the book is written ‘simply and accurately‘, and the two 1 star reviews say that the book is ‘out of date’.  

I suspect the authors of the 1 star reviews state the book is out of date because some of the photos are from my past visits to the Island.  I added a photo taken in 2004 of one of the Wightlink ferries.  However, if you travel by Wightlink you will see that some of their ferries still look exactly the same as in the photo I published.  Yes there is a new flagship, the ‘Victoria of Wight’, but there are still the older type ferries sailing too.

The Isle of Wight thankfully does not change much.  Places I have mentioned still look exactly the same as in the photos I included.  I really have no idea what is out of date!  Okay, the photos were not taken yesterday, but anyone who has actually been to this beautiful Island (like the writer of the 5 star review has) can see for themselves what I mean.

It’s good to get all that off my chest!


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