A Celebration

I was pleased to receive another all-clear scan recently, two and a half years after six weeks of external beam radiotherapy sessions for recurrence of thyroid cancer.  The radiotherapy has left its mark in the form of neck lymphoedema, but I’ve since learned how to keep that under control.

To celebrate we decided to upgrade our holiday home on the Isle of Wight to a brand new one that is bigger and so gives us more space.  The site staff had been on at us to upgrade for some time, as unlike bricks and mortar properties which appreciate in value, holiday homes like our old one (12 years old) below do not.


The new holiday home needs a crane to lower it into position on the site, and so our visits to the Island have come to an end for this year until this has been done.  I’ll miss the ‘van’ above, as now we do not own it.  However, all our belongings are still in it, and whenever we receive a call from the site staff to say we can access our new van, then we’ll be off to the Island in double quick time.  We have made sure the new one is not under any trees, and so we’ll not be bombarded with leaves, branches, bird excrement and acorns plinky-plonking down upon the roof and keeping us awake at night.  You live and learn, don’t you?  Phil can at last put his jet-washer away!

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