Thinking Positive

What have you been doing during lock-down weekends when you would have been out enjoying yourselves?  Phil and I have tried to think positive and have used the spare weekends to improve our house ready for eventually putting in on the market.  We spent all Easter painting the outside of the house and the garage, and then Phil decided to scrape all the moss off the roof, which took up 4 weekends.  Other weekends have been spent painting and restoring the garden gate, giving our old outside coal/wood storage box a makeover, and then for the last 2 weekends Phil has been digging the flowerbeds over and cutting the leylandii trees.

Our house looks rather nice now and I don’t want to sell it!


Phil’s not one to sit around moaning and complaining about lock-down restrictions.  He’s spent most of lock-down up a ladder, and he’s pleased with his efforts.  Of course we’d rather have been at our holiday home on the Isle of Wight, but the good news is that the site will be open again on 6th July!

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