Getting Vaccinated

I’m one of those allergic types who tend to have unwelcome reactions to new prescription drugs, certain foods, pollen, animals, some fragrances, gloss paint, and who-knows-what until it happens. I carry steroid tablets about with me at all times, and have had to go to A&E on one particularly nasty occasion.

On Friday I am booked to have my first Covid shot. I have managed to book myself into a slot at a hospital about 25 miles away from my home that allows reactive types like me to sit about and wait to grow three heads. Since having extensive external beam radiotherapy 4 years ago for Stage IV thyroid cancer, I found to my dismay that the treatment made my neck ultra-sensitive. The neck tissue tends to swell up on the inside if I’m not mindful enough, causing an inability to talk, swallow, or breathe properly.

What a dilemma… do I have the vaccination or not? I’ve decided to bite the bullet so to speak and have the jab after getting advice from various sources. I can sit in the hospital for 6 hours until the department closes and they chuck me out. Hmm… what happens if the reaction occurs after 6 hours, as it very well might do? I think I’ll walk around the hospital corridors for a further couple of hours after that.

My husband waltzed into his local vaccination hub, had a shot of AstraZeneca, and waltzed out again within about 10 minutes. Sigh,,, if only…

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