Legs Eleven

After working in a hospital for 20 years, I have come to realise that keeping my leg muscles toned is one of life’s most important things to do. Deconditioning through too much sitting and lack of exercise makes weak muscles, which in turn can cause immobility and can leave a person prone to falling and maybe even breaking a bone. I’ve seen for myself the result of exercise, and also lack of exercise, on patients and work colleagues alike.

Take for instance an 82 year old. She gets up early and walks her dogs on a daily basis. She also swims regularly. She is lean and fit, and can walk for miles. Compare her to another person 10 years younger who does no exercise, is overweight, has diabetes and smokes. There is no comparison really, because the younger person is already immobile, falls often, and spends their time going back and forward to various hospital clinics; for instance the diabetes clinic because of poor blood sugar regulation and and foot ulcers, and the respiratory clinic for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease because they won’t give up smoking.

We can’t get away from ourselves, and we have to live with the consequences of a bad diet or chain smoking. Conversely our old age can be more enjoyable if we take up some form of exercise, because as my old mum used to say, it’s the legs that go first. She was right!

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