Foods to Boost the Immune System

In these days of Covid, it’s even more important to eat healthily to boost our immune systems. After Christmas we chucked out any left-over Christmas cake, mince pies, and other stodgy fare. A shame I know, but it had to be done. It’s time to once again shun the sugar for 2021. Working in a hospital as I do, I’ve learned by typing hundreds of clinic letters that being overweight is the main reason behind why most people attend out-patient clinics. Obesity can cause joint and back pain, diabetes and related eye and circulatory problems, kidney disease, those big cellulitic and oedematous legs, heart disease and respiratory problems, and some cancers to name but a few.

A few years ago I took my mother’s advice and started to eat an orange every day and to add lots of other vegetables (especially broccoli) to whichever evening meal we have. Mum lived to 92 and very rarely had anything wrong with her. I am pleased to say that during 2020 I had one cold, and one cold only. This has been an improvement on previous years. I took up cycling back in 2018 and try to get out on my bike every day for at least half an hour, and to walk around my village for at least half an hour each morning.

In my younger years I ate a lot of chocolate, cake, biscuits and other sugary food. By the age of 38 in 1995 I felt terrible. I wanted to lose weight and I took up jogging. My health improved, but now at the age of 63 I realise that jogging is no good for the knees! Again, my mother had told me this, but I, thinking I knew it all, ignored her advice. I gave up impact sports back in 2006 and now walk and cycle instead. I learned the hard way that feeling good and being healthy has a lot to do with eating the right foods rather than doing impact sports and damaging your joints.

You live and learn. I have the mindset that sugar is poison. In this way I don’t crave it anymore. However, just as my mother couldn’t pass any tips on to me in my younger days, I cannot seem to pass any of my hard-earned knowledge on to anybody else who wants to lose weight. I suppose that just as with child-rearing, people have to go their own way and work it all out for themselves. It’s a shame we can’t put old heads on young shoulders!

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